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Safe and Pain-Free Remedy to Vaginal Atrophy

Reverse symptoms of vaginal atrophy through the MonaLisa Touch treatment. North Dover Ob-Gyn Associates in Toms River, New Jersey, offers this pain-free procedure to help women restore their vaginal health without undergoing surgery and medication. We have highly skilled gynecologists with more than 100 years of combined medical experience.


Postmenopausal Atrophic Vaginitis

While vaginal atrophy is most prevalent in postmenopausal women, it can also affect breast cancer survivors and women who have undergone a hysterectomy. To help alleviate its discomforting symptoms, The MonaLisa Touch treatment was developed. This procedure is done using a special CO2 fractional laser that produces microscopic heat beams. Radiations produced help rehydrate vaginal tissues, lessening dryness, and itching.

Lesser Pain, Faster Results

The MonaLisa Touch is less invasive than prescription drugs or surgery. Anesthesia is very rarely required during the procedure. We recommend patients to undergo three sessions for faster and better results. Some of our clients, though, report noticeable results after just one treatment. Each session only takes about five minutes. Browse through  for more details about the MonaLisa Touch.